What could your body do with the right physio?

Here at Active Bodies Physiotherapy we’ve helped over 10,000 Adelaide locals get healthy and moving well again. From laptop headaches to elite athlete management, come and meet our physio, massage, and acupuncture team and find out how we can work to get you to your peak in 2020 — we’re excited to meet you!

UPDATE re Covid-19 (August 2020): We’ve always been flexible therapists, leading the way as health educators both in person and online. We are offering hands-on consulting; our team continues to exercise the highest level of hygiene and we request the same of you. If you you are feeling unwell or for convenience would prefer an online consultation you can find more information here. Thanks for supporting us, so that we can support a healthy community.

How do we approach the art of physiotherapy?

  • We keep you active throughout your rehab stages.
  • You’ll leave with a clear plan for the next steps on the road to great health.
  • Our team is carefully crafted to bring the right levels of care and expertise.
  • We are expert educators can adapt to the way you learn best; using your type of language, images, metaphor, visual feedback or technology.
  • We’ve built a beautiful practice and yoga studio to make you feel happy and welcome the moment you arrive.
  • From physio to acupuncture and massage therapy — we have all your body’s bases covered, all the time.
The beautiful Adelaide CBD home of Active Bodies Physiotherapy.
Our beautiful physiotherapy studio space which co-shares with our sister yoga studio, Powerliving, right on Halifax Street in the city of Adelaide.

If you’d like to book an appointment with a physiotherapist just click this link or give us a call on (08) 8231 2983.