Amanda Cao

Meet Amanda

  • Loves to treat everyone, from the elite athlete to elite sitter
  • Specialises in the thoracic spine, ribs, neck and shoulders and pre/post natal care & pelvic floor health
  • CFS firefighter, ocean swimmer, former judo player, handstander & bendy piece of steel
  • Terrible at whistling, juggling and tennis
  • Cannot walk down the street without patting all the dogs

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A little bit more…

Bachelor Physiotherapy
200-hour yoga teacher trained

As a huge nerd with a (sometimes inconvenient) love of studying, the science of how the body works and moves drew me in from an early age.

What motivated me most, however, was the desire to work not only with the human body, but with the person that resides within it — who you are, what you believe, and the way the stuff that goes on in your life will affect how you move, hold yourself, and therefore your clinical presentation too.

I chose Active Bodies Physiotherapy for its beautiful community and for the perfect combination of A-Grade clinical expertise with a focus on extending yourself and living well.

…physiotherapy isn’t just about helping repair injuries.

To me, physiotherapy isn’t just about helping repair injuries. It’s about working with you to get you obliterating goals, feeling your best, and living at your true potential. 

I’m less interested in giving out repetitions of unexciting exercises (unless you’re into that!), and more interested in integrating creative healthy habits that flow into your lifestyle.

I’m passionate about educating on what’s going on so you can be empowered, doing the hands-on treatment to support your recovery, and brainstorming with you solutions that can be as simple or creative as you need.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll feel looked after.