Ben Mauro

Meet Ben Mauro…

  • Bio-mechanics enthusiast and gym science junkie
  • Sports lover and pretty handy golf and soccer player
  • Spare time is spent on the guitar and chasing two crazy children
  • Loves treating lower limb injuries and complex long standing problems

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A little bit more

B. Applied Science (Human Movement and Exercise Physiology)
Masters of Physiotherapy

I have always loved sports, statistics and the science behind how we move — it is what drew me into the industry.

Throughout my studies and career I have realised that there is much more than to physiotherapy than just jumping on the bed for a massage and it’s incredibly powerful to see the impact that movement can have on the body and people’s lives.

With seven years of physiotherapy experience, working at Active Bodies Physiotherapy is refreshing. We have such a broad and open community always looking to better themselves and others. With this platform, it gives us the opportunity to be mentors and leaders in the field of health and movement. 

I love treating people who are looking to take that next step into better health.

Physiotherapy as an industry has developed and changed over its lifespan. I love treating people who are looking to take that next step into better health. This may be your first step into making a change, or this could be a step that you’ve been stuck on for a while.

I specialise in breaking down movement patterns and the critical biomechanics of optimal movement. If there are ways to make your body more efficient, we will find them.

Motion is lotion! Let’s get your body moving to keep stepping forward in your goals and life.