Benjamin Waters

Meet Ben

  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Loves Aikido and Tai Chi
  • Happy to chat in both English and Chinese Mandarin
  • Shreds the cello and plays a mean blues on the keys
  • Over a decade of experience in Theravada and Zen Meditation Traditions

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A little bit more…

B. Health Science (Trad. Chinese Medicine)
B. Arts (International Relations)
B. Arts (Literature/Theatre Studies)
Grad. Dip Education

Born and raised in Canberra, I spent my twenties and early thirties living, teaching drama and performing in Canberra, London and Melbourne before relocating to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Technology in Sydney and deepen my meditation practice with the Triratna Sangha in Newtown and the Sydney Zen Centre. 

I have also studied at Kunming Normal University and Interned at Chengdu Medical University Hospital in China.

For me, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture sit at the forefront of integrative medical practices.  It provides a truly holistic paradigm with which to view health and the human body, seeking unification of the mind, body and energetic system.

My practice focuses on the whole individual…

Since moving to Adelaide two years ago, I have been part of the Active Bodies team; a truly unique community of health-care professionals.  It is a pleasure to be part of this world-class team.

My practice focuses on the whole individual and can assist with muscular-skeletal and digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, gynecological and fertility problems and psycho-emotional complaints such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

I see Traditional Chinese Medicine as a somatic psychotherapy which treats a patient’s underlying constitution, treating the energetic system to re-establish balance in the organ, muscular-skeletal, nervous and endocrine systems and encourage the integration of the body, mind and spirit.

My practice is informed by the Buddhist and Taoist roots of the Mindfulness movement and I look forward to working with you to bring greater health, awareness and energy into your life.