Jamie Wetherell

Meet Jamie Wetherall

  • Specialises in pain science
  • Meditates daily, healthily self reflective with a growth mindset
  • Loves treating neck and shoulders, wrists, lower backs and lower limbs
  • Suffered 7 fractures and copious numbers of injuries (research purposes of course, I will undoubtedly understand your pain!)
  • Former grade level cricketer, but loves surfing and the ocean far more
  • Secret backyard table tennis star

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A bit more about Jamie…

jamie weterherll
B. Physio
200-hour yoga teacher training

Rarely have I attempted to map out my life, because when I become inspired about something I cannot help but dive straight in. 

Working with world leading pain researchers at Neuro Orthopaedic Institute inspired me to embark on the new path of physiotherapy, and since 2014 I have been working with people of all ages, fitness levels and various injuries. 

When I received the opportunity to work with Active Bodies Physiotherapy in early 2017, where it became obvious that work-life balance is key, where there is an authentic drive to put the clients first, I knew I had found a special team, a second home. 

Since then I have moved from strength to strength, deepening my skill base and understandings of the body and mind. To complement this, I completed my yoga teacher training and have been teaching at Power Living Adelaide since 2018.

Physiotherapy, to me, is about understanding the person in front of me.

All-in-all I love this place, I love coming to work and getting to know and understand whoever comes through the door.

Over 50 years ago, a doctor named George Engel published a revolutionary approach towards pain, which he named the bio-psycho-social model.  He suggested that the old biomechanical model for pain was far too simple.

It considers that pain is not just an array of biological mechanisms, but also has significant psychological and social influences.  Fortunately the last 20 years of research supports this.

When a client comes in, I never simply see “another stiff back” or “an irritable wry neck”, I see an individual with a nervous system that has coordinated a unique protective reaction around specific body structures. 

The challenge is to unveil the reasons behind these protective reactions and formulate a plan to firstly, help the individual understand what’s happening and why, and then to help them find relief and recover as rapidly as possible.

From here, they have the opportunity to thrive towards whatever it is that drives them… this is the truly rewarding part of my work.