Online Healthcare

With covid-19 changing the landscape of healthcare for the time being, we’ve shifted many of our services online.

Our physiotherapists are master educators and work creatively with the latest live video technology to coach and empower you to improve your health.

Injury assessment, education, advice and rehabilitation

Just because you’re spending more time indoors it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get aches, pains and injuries. In fact, the lack of normal routine will be a big issue for physical health over this season.

As always, prevention is better than a cure. So we have a full spectrum of services to help at any level, including:

Playful physiotherapist Jamie Wetherell with arms full of all the toys for self massage and relief. You can join him for a roll and release class streaming online.
  • Physiotherapy assessment and rehabilitation
  • Functional strength and fitness programs
  • Livestream fitness classes (including Pilates, cardio, flexibility, high intensity interval training, roll and release)
  • Yoga Tune-Ups

We cater to every citizen regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete or just starting out on your journey to better health. Just got a pesky neck ache? We can get to the bottom of that too!

Home Office Ergonomics

In this unique time we recognise that not everyone has been able to create the ideal home working environment. Let us help you set yourself up well so that you can both comfortable and safe as you work from home.

  • Group Ergonomic and Workplace Training Webinars
  • Home Office Ergonomic Assessments and Training

Note: For employers taking care of your staff, we can supply assessment paperwork and sign-off on home office arrangements.

Our Guarantee To You

Here at Active Bodies Physiotherapy there’s no one-size-fits-all health plan. We will talk openly with you about your health concerns, give you treatment options and discuss the associated issues.

Physiotherapist Ben juggling a golf ball in our beautiful practice foyer
Expert sports Physiotherapist, Ben Mauro, showing some golf tricks in our beautiful practice in the heart of Adelaide City.

We are happy to provide a money-back-guarantee to give you peace of mind so that when you come to visit our clinic, you find a therapist committed to your health and to communicating with you effectively.

Oh, and if we keep you waiting more than 15 minutes you will receive a discount rate as a gesture to show you that we understand that you time is important.

Make an appointment, when you’re ready, using the options below.