Perri Snodgrass

Meet Perri

  • Big believer in holistic health, living an optimistic and enjoyable lifestyle. 
  • I prioritise self growth and self care so that I can be at my best to help and support others.
  • I am passionate about all aspects of movement. My current favourites are functional training, dancing, yoga, indoor bouldering and walking in nature. 
  • Massage is my jam! I best connect to myself and others when I am in my flow, moving energy and listening to soulful music. Giving and receiving is a beautiful gift and something to be embraced. 

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A little bit more…

Massage Therapist
Ka-Huna Body Worker (certified in levels 1,2,3)
Personal Trainer
Heath and Wellness Practitioner and Coach
Certified Practitioner and Diploma in NLP PSycHology
Perri Snodgrass - massage therapist at Active Bodies Physiotherapy

My passion for health and fitness began at a young age. I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist for seven years. I feel best when I am active and in my body. Years of experience of watching the way people move, what they think and how their body feels has given me knowledge to be a better coach and practitioner.

Being curious and solving problems has helped me to expand my skill set. I am always the student and always learning! I enjoy studying and learning more about body energetics and how our systems respond to stimuli, stressors, emotions, traumas and memories.

Having recently joined the team at Active Bodies Physiotherapy as a massage therapist, I am thrilled to be part of a group of highly respectable practitioners who have a strong sense of community. I hope my services can help support all clients and colleges, so that together we can continue build health and well-being.

I specialise in deep tissue, remedial and sports massage. I also am Ka-Huna body worker. I enjoy blending different styles of massage techniques to create my own art form that is most suitable to my client. 

Everyone is unique and we each require different forms of healing. I work with the muscular, skeletal, lymphatic and endocrine systems. I also focus on the fascia, organs and work with chakra systems, doshas and body energetics. 

As a therapist and body worker my job is to hold space for my clients. My aim is to help remove the stagnant energy or trauma and invite fresh prana into the body. The body innately knows how to heal itself it’s about listening and allowing the process to occur.